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Welcome to Butters, Arizona’s best breakfast and lunch cafe. And we don’t say that lightly. With more than 40 years of restaurant experience, we know that it takes fresh, innovative food served consistently and with unsurpassed quality by dedicated team members in a clean and warm environment.

For your enjoyment, we use only the finest and freshest ingredients available. That means we hand-crack and whip only USDA Grade AA eggs for every order and even for our batters, which are scratch-made daily. All of our sweet creations are dusted with powdered sugar and served with fresh whipped butter.

It’s our attention to detail that makes all the difference. Such as taking the extra effort to serve only fresh-squeezed orange juice from our ingeniously designed orange juice machine that avoids squeezing the orange peel, ensuring only the flavorful juice and not the bitter peel oil reaches our guests. The result is a high quality juice that’s subtly sweet with the unmistakable fragrance of fresh squeezed orange. You won’t believe that orange juice could taste this good!

We also believe in being responsible shepherds of the environment by limiting our carbon footprint and using efficient technologies and building materials. Whenever possible, we seek out organically grown ingredients from local farmers and producers; and we believe in giving back to the community by sourcing our meats and breads from local butchers and artisanal bakers. These efforts result in a better experience for our guests, and thus make smart business sense.

So, we welcome you, to be our happy guests, to celebrate with family and friends, and to join us in enjoying our remarkable breakfast and lunch dishes—from traditional breakfast staples such as Brioche French Toast, Fluffy Pancakes and Flavorful Omelettes to our innovative new creations such as our Eggs Verde and Turkey Jalapeno Panini.